P R E - W O R K S H O P


As start-up of the Festival this year we offer you:

an inspiring Pre-Workshop with Anya Cloud!

She arrives a few days earlier to sprinkle her inspiration on the dance floor. 

For the Pre-workshop the registration is "First to Register - First to Go"

30 June - 2 July 2017

at Solvikskolan, Järna, Sweden


 Friday 30th June                15-18

              Saturday 1st                       10-13, 15-18

 Sunday 2nd July                 10-13

A total of 12 hours of teaching 

During the Pre-workshop there will be food served as follows

    Friday                                    Dinner

                                       Saturday                               Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

                        Sunday                                  Breakfast, Lunch

Anya Cloud (US)





From Instinct to Artifice : States of Transition/Transformation/Transgression

This workshop will cultivate real, sweaty, conscious dancing — this means that it will be multiplicitous, rare, radically alive, responsible, daring, charged, mundane, embellished, responsive, political, resistant, ridiculous, permissive, and more. We will foundationally work with techniques, skills, and practices from Contact Improvisation. We will also work with solo body/group improvisational scores, states, and somatic practices. Intense physicality will serve as a bridge for diving into compositional and performative practices that draw on both instinct and artifice. What happens will be highly influenced by who is in the room, what we value, the risks we are willing to take, and how we move. We will attempt to prepare our physical and energetic bodies for anything and everything that we can imagine. It is impossible. And we will still take it on with ambition and generosity. How can we consider the politics of dancing in this current time? Think ‘Super Hero Training Camp’. Through being quite specific and disciplined in our research and play, we will invite a culture of possibility that in turn heightens our critical capacities, artistic intelligence, and kinesthetic acuity.




Anya Cloud (US) I dance with the body that I have to cultivate radical aliveness, longevity, and possibility. Originally from Alaska, I am currently based in California. I practice, perform, teach, and make dances. Contact Improvisation, through teaching, practice, and performance, is a central aspect of my work as a contemporary dance artist. I teach at universities, in the community and at festivals including having taught at Tanzquartier, Freiburg Contact Festival, Contact Austria, Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival, Ibiza Contact Festival, wcciJAM, Salt Dance Fest, Ukraine Contact Festival, and SFDI. I am in ongoing practice/facilitation of the Underscore and recently collaborated with Nancy Stark Smith and others as part of the GLIMPSE project. As a dancer and dance maker I have worked with and/or performed for Sara Shelton Mann, Nancy Stark Smith, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Karen Nelson, Eric Geiger, Karen Schaffman, Yolande Snaith, Leslie Seiters, Sabine Parzer, and Kristianne Salcines among others. My ongoing work in collaboration with Sara Shelton Mann profoundly impacts my artistry and way of being. In 2013 I received my MFA in Dance Theatre from UC San Diego. I currently teach in Dance Studies at California State University San Marcos, as well as co-directing PADL West (a non-profit dance presenting organization). I am in the first year of the Feldenkrais™ Certification Training Program.


In the price is included;

- Organic Food 3 times a day during the workshop

- Accomodation in shared sleeping spaces on a matress or in your own tent.

Pre-Workshop with accomodation:

1800 SEK / 190 Euro

For those that have other housing options, outside of the workshop venue, there is an option of paying just for the workshop and food.


Pre-Workshop without accomodation:


1600 SEK/ 170  Euro