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VARIA is dedicated to improvisation, a versatile art and performance form - in live time.

VARIA has enabled performers of diverse artistic backgrounds, age and ethnicity to access a broad audience. Intense artistic and individual interaction is furthermore supported by a creative license, beyond expectation. 
Previous festivals have generated interest, cultivating a new breeding ground for ideas within the dramatic arts and collaborations between various media and much, much more. Audience indication and student and participant reflection reveal VARIA to be a place where innovation is given a great deal of invaluable space.
As a result, VARIA has been able to create a forum for further, as of yet, unproven collaborations, aimed for the dramatic arts and arts of other focus.

Patrick Nicholas, the man who made the beautiful photo that we got permition to use as a symbol for this years festival.

In 2007 he turned his back on commercial photography altogether to strike out into unknown territory by setting up his own photo gallery in the small jewel that is Orvieto, on the borders of Tuscany and Umbria. Of late he has combined more and more landscape and figures in a uniquely Tuscan vision. He still has to create an image inspired by “Alien” – the cause of his downfall over thirty years ago.

Patrick divides his time between professional photography for the fashion industry, advertising and portaits as well as running training courses for photographers of all levels of competence.