The registration for Metamorphosis Festival 2019 is now closed. 

We are happy to announce that this year’s festival will have the capacity to host 40 participants in addition to staff and support!

This allows the group to have intimate workshops as well as a variety of people from various backgrounds.

We have grown to be a commitee of organizers for this year’s Metamorphosis festival:

Matilda Bilberg, Johan Nilsson, Emma Rozgoni and Eva Mohn.  

We have committed to invite 50% active professionals in the field of dance as well as 50% interdisciplinary dance enthusiasts.

We are trying to be inclusive and to have an open invitation, for everyone, however we will also make a concerted effort to engage respectfully across the spectrums of experience, gender, race and ethnic background.

We want Metamorphosis to be an open platform for dance as well as engaged in a dialouge about ethics and relevant issues of priviledge and access in this field. We request that along with your application please include a personal statement with a short description of your background as well as your interest and motivation to participate in this particular festival, Metamorphosis.

The number of participants in each intensive is limited, please make sure to register in time.

..:: For registration follow the link ::..