M U S I C I A N 

Alex Zampini (IT/DE)


as a

Dance Partner


Alex Zampini is an interdisciplinary artist active in the field of music, film and contemporary dance.
Contaminated by the consistent variety of the sonic multiverse, he generates instrumental sound sculptures made of electro-acoustic hybrid textures, harmonic dissonances, distorted guitars and stillness.
His creative approach is improvisational, based on mutual interaction and (un)poetic and subjective interpretation of set and setting.
As a process-oriented animal, his projects are self-generated opportunities to get lost, keep questioning and stay curious, while welcoming transformation and flexibility in the creative equation.
As both visual and sound artist he collaborates with humans from different cultural ecosystems, exploring the in-between gaps across disciplines.
Power structures, trance states, civil disobedience and environmental activism are some of the themes that keep Alex engaged in his practice.



M O R N I N G   I N T E N S I V E S

Adam Schütt (SE)






I believe that the processes of verbal and physical expression is one and the same, they will gain support from each other's articulation.  Allowing for details to emerge that otherwise would not.

How does the process of movement (while expressing your opinion) alter your opinion ?

How does the process of speech alter your movement?

Is the natural state of speech always emerging from a still body or is that socialised?

Seeing that some art is made in order to change opinions; does the act of making it , in any way, form or alter the makers opinions?

Or must the opinion remain fixed throughout the act of expressing it?

What is your honest/ sincere/ actual opinion? How and when does your opinions change?

Unfixing opinions or bodies is not the the point of the practice, rather participating in conversations, indulging in movements together, impulses of the comical or grave. Observing ourselves as sometimes fluid and static, strong and weak.


Born in Sweden, Adam has been professionally active in the dance field since 1999 when he was first employed with the Royal Swedish Ballet, he joined the Danish Dance theatre in 04 and Cullbergbaletten in 07 where he is currently employed, Adam has concurrent with the dancing dabbled with choreography, teaching and various forms of visual art.

dance Improvisation quickly became his major focus since he came across it.


Anya Cloud (US)

For the Love of Dance:

Showing up and

Showing up and

Showing up

This is an ongoing research practice where your research and identity intersect with mine. It will be a lot of work and a lot of fun. Utilizing shifting states of being/dancing/practice we will work with Awareness Through Movement lessons from the Feldenkrais Method®, ensemble strategies, Contact Improvisation, depth of personal research, discovering/making/dissolving, and athletic endurance practices to foster radical independence and responsible citizenship. We will work with connecting clarity of anatomical/energetic connectivity to form and frame and agency. We will practice dancing with bodies that we have. We will be all in all the time. We will modulate states of being from very quiet things to roaringly exhausting things. We will work to queer what we think we know. How can we be nuanced, astute, complex, and visceral? We will research our experiences of the states that come out of other states and how that can connect us with the volume of time through imagination, lineage, politics, and more. We will research power sources, power centers, power systems.  There will be tangible practical material and ridiculous intangible material. We will work on clarity of consent and boundaries and communication. We will invite extreme difference through overlapping proposals in many ways. Let’s deeply sensitize and activate our dancing capacities as humans in every imaginable way. Let’s show up. We will DANCE.  



Originally from rural Alaska, Anya is based in California, US. She dances, make dances, and teaches dance in multiple contexts. Collaboration is central to her artistic practice. Anya believes in dancing with the bodies that we have in order to cultivate radical aliveness. Her choreographic work has been produced across the US and internationally. Additionally, Anya has worked with and/or performed for Sara Shelton Mann, Jane Comfort, Karen Nelson, Yolande Snaith, Leslie Seiters, Eric Geiger, Kristianne Salcines, Karen Schaffman, Nancy Stark Smith, and Ishmael Houston-Jones among others. As an activist/artist she teaches/facilitates Contact Improvisation, improvisation, somatics, and contemporary dance nationally and internationally at festivals and institutions. In addition to making dances and performing, Anya teaches as a Lecturer in Dance Studies at California State University San Marcos, is in the Feldenkrais Method® Training program, and is a committed organizer and presenter of dance and performance wherever she lives. Anya holds an MFA from UC San Diego..


Photo by Robbie Sweeny from Echo by Sara
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A F T E R N O O N   I N T E N S I V E S

Nevo Ben Knaan (IL)


Listen without listening to anything

Listen to the sound of space 

Listen! Listen without listening to anything. Listen to the sound of space. Listening listens. Within the sound of space, other sounds occur, gestures appear, images illuminate, and thoughts travel.

What is it that erupts me into action and what do I do to allow myself to be available for that?

The bird calls at the window. At first there is no idea of "bird." Then in an instant the idea of bird comes into mind. First it was just a sound. Then the name bird. A gesture occurs in space, a reaction…

Improvisation can be understood through the practice of improvisation. It is a game with the known and the unknown. Improvisation will be part of our practice, an exercise in communication and reflection. We will dance in the studio and in the nature. Nature will take us in, teach us, help us connect with life flow.

We will play with shifting our point of attention inside and outside, finding and adding new opportunities. We will shift between creating compositions and decomposition, giving metaphors or dancing abstract.

As a facilitator I would like to create a space to connect with the roots of the trees that their fruits are dreams. I believe interesting and inspiring inputs can generate the imagination, filling and emptying of meaning, nourishing the language that connects us, generating movement and more.




Nevo Ben-Knaan is a multi-disciplinary artist, performer and a musician. In his artistic pursue he searches for fields of possibilities or contingencies. Many of his works are site-specific where he investigates and plays with improvisation, somatic practices and poetics.

Nevo studied choreography in Kelim dance center and in the advanced studies department for sound-art and experimental music at Musrara Jerusalem.

He is a member of the Israeli CI Association and teaches CI since 2006.

Another important branch that Nevo is engaged with is therapy. He is Certified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method (one on one personal recovery and learning Processes) and works as a movement teacher in a school for autistic youth.



Katja Mustonen (FIN)




Scenarios for movement, improvisation and composition

This workshop is a palette of tools, exercises and scores that inspire and generate action for improvisations. 

We investigate breath, energy, and hands-on work to spark both physical and emotional states of presence and responses. We travel from sensation and inner imaginariums into creating fictions. Extending our movement choices and vocabularies by enhancing timing and rhythm, orientation and intention, we create both individual and collective encounters with others. 

Staying with the questions while articulating our choices of the moment is to strengthen and extend the spaces between our knowing and unknown. 



Katja is a Finnish dance maker and teacher. She graduated as dancer 2004, and holds a MA degree in "Contemporary Dance Education"(MACoDE, HfMDK,Frankfurt 2010). Since 2008, she’s been teaching Contemporary Dance, Improvisation and Contact Improvisation internationally in institutions, festivals and other venues for dance. In her artistic work, she is curious about the states of presence and body’s ability to transform, embody, and transmit images into emotions, languages and atmosphere’s. Merging photography, video, sound and text together with materials or objects continues fascinating her in her art making, creating the larger body of her artistic work. 

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